Open Letter to Doug Ford

Dear Mister Doug Ford,

Your preemptive Bill 28 legislation is an attack on our education support workers. Your attack on them is an attack on all of us.

You said, "we need to keep our children in classrooms". However, without the dedication and hard work of the workers, our classrooms are just rooms made of bricks. 

The education support workers open the school doors for the children in the morning. (The children who will grow up to become doctors and nurses that will treat you when you are sick.)

The education support workers organize our classes. (The classes that will certify health care workers who will care for your mom in the long term care facility.)

The education support workers give students a safe and clean environment to learn. (The students who will become firefighters and paramedics that will help you in an emergency.)

We are all interconnected and entangled.

I hope you can see the damage Bill 28 has created. I hope you will do the right thing to fix the mistake. 

Thank you.

Please contact us if you have any questions.