PingGuo Academy

PingGuo Academy is a Training Centre. We not only provide tutoring/training in IT related areas, but also in a vast range of areas to pre-post secondary students, university/college students, and mature/corporate students.

We teach students in both a classroom environment as well as private one on one tutoring.

(See one of our presentations here- Taking Healthcare to a New Level with A.I. and Quantum Computing.)

Contact us for more information on setting up a custom training program for your company.


Specifically, we are involved in after school programs that prepare Bayview Glen students for Universities and other post secondary education. Our programs include English as a Second Language (IELTS/TOEFL), Math, Computer Science, Applied Science, Healthcare and Life Science.


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Contact us for more information on after school programs and admission at Bayview Glen.


SafeArea allows you to monitor your health using Activities and Surveys. SafeArea creates a health profile using advanced A.I. Algorithm and is integrated and shared automatically using your iOS devices. It also uses HomeKit and IofT devices to monitor your area to provide you with analysis of your environment and how it effects your health and safety.


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Also, we offer many course (both in-class and private lessons) on Health and Safety. Contact us for more information on our schedule.


Qi is the energy in every living thing. One of the most important aspect of Qi is its healing power. Download QiYouUp and practise QiGong/QiHealing to better your health and learn how to use Qi to heal yourself and others.


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Download QiYouUp from the AppStore (for iOS devices such as iPhones)
Download QiYouUp from Google Play (for Android devices)

Also, we offer many courses (both in-class and private lessons) on QiHealing/QiGong. Contact us for more information on our schedule.

Training / Tutorials / Educational

Xcode Swift5 Add Tabview Controller

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Backend Cloud Servers with AWS and Digital Ocean Part1

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Classroom Teaching

PingGuo Academy Hamilton class- July 27, 2021 (Importance of Helping)

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PingGuo Academy Toronto class- August 16, 2021 (Make up class for July 29 Absentees)

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